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    Oonrak International School, Koh Samui, Surat Thani • Cambridge Assessment #TH181

    Vision & Mission


    Here at Oonrak International School, we are committed to achieving excellence, ensuring we are continually raising standards of achievement, extending opportunity and exploring the importance of benefitting the beautiful island of Koh Samui.


    Our vision enables students to develop both academically and socially, building a brighter future for all. At Oonrak we have a common goal to achieve academic success through ‘learning by doing with happiness’.


    We are committed to offering a first-class academic education coupled with excellent vocational opportunities and preparation for the world of work. Personal, moral, cultural and social education is crucial to the life of our school.


    Lastly, through our curriculum we aim to enable all students to develop:

    • Thinking skills in English, Mathematics, and Science
    • Logic deduction, investigation, and analysis
    • Creativity, imagination, communication, and performance
    • Problem solving, teamwork, initiative and independent learning
    • The ability to work competently with ICT and new technologies
  • Curriculum

    Cambridge Assessment International Education


    The National Curriculum of England (UK)


    Year 1 - Year 6

    The Primary Programme uses a mixture of The National Curriculum of England (UK) and Cambridge to develop English, Mathematics and Science skills in young children across the world. It has been fully adopted at Oonrak and gives our students excellent preparation for Secondary education. Additional subjects such as Music, ICT, Art & Design and Physical Education are also taught from the same curriculum.


    The Primary Programme is designed for children aged 5 – 11; it provides learning objectives for each year of our student’s education. It gradually builds the learning steps for children in the primary area; before they move onto Secondary education.


    The curriculum helps both teachers and parents gain a greater understanding of individual student’s abilities. We use end of unit testing as well as progression tests throughout the academic year. These tests provide information to analyse student’s achievements, strengths, and weaknesses, and gives teachers invaluable information to help guide students in the correct direction.

    Secondary 1 Programme

    Year 7 - Year 9

    The Secondary 1 Programme is a framework for increasing educational success for students in years 7 to 9.This programme builds on the primary stage and develops student’s knowledge, skills and confidence in various different subjects across the curriculum. The curriculum is designed to help parents and teachers track the student’s process through the lower secondary phase.


    Throughout the year, assessments will be conducted by the teacher in an informal but productive way. Giving teachers valuable information when tracking student’s progress and potential areas of weakness, furthermore, at the end of years, 7 and 8 students take the progression tests in English, Mathematics, and Science. Checkpoint testing will be conducted at year 9 in preparation for the next level of study.


    These are designed to allow teachers to follow the progress of their students over time and analyse performance within their classes and against an external benchmark.

  • Admissions

    Oonrak International Primary & Secondary School • Tuition Fees


    55'000 THB per term

    Age 3-5 (foundation stage)
    EYFS curriculum from UK



    In the price is included:

    morning & afternoon snacks, lunch, learning resources.

    Key Stage 1:

    57'000 THB per term



    • School Lunch


    • School Books
    • Stationary

    Key Stage 2:

    62'000 THB per term



    • School Lunch


    • School Books
    • Stationary

    Key Stage 3:

    72'000 THB per term



    • School Lunch


    • School Books
    • Stationary
  • FAQ

  • Our Team

    Dear parents/guardians,

    I wish you a warm welcome back to Oonrak International School for which is bound to be another fantastic year ahead. My name is Mr. James Clements and I am extremely proud to be overseeing your child’s development once again.

    Last year our students showed such ambition, enthusiasm, and excellence in a range of fields, and we have high expectations once again this year. The students at Oonrak International School will continue a year of discovery where our focus will be leading a hands-on learning experience using all of the fantastic facilities that we have to offer. Our school vision of ‘learning by doing’ will be a core value throughout the year.

    The Cambridge Curriculum we use will engage students with challenging yet fun activities aimed to heighten students learning across a range of styles. Our strong team of teachers will put their spin on each lesson to create a warm, thought-provoking environment where each student can flourish.

    Each year Oonrak International School works very hard to improve the facilities we have to offer. Over the summer we have upgraded our sports department with an outdoor athletics area, gained a range of new resources for Physical Education and updated recreational areas. Our science lab has been stocked with fun and exciting resources to maximize students learning. We will focus classes with hands-on experiments this year and students can look forward to hours of fun in the lab.

    In school, we strive for excellence and personal growth in attainment, social skills and becoming global citizens. As global citizens, we will continue to work closely with outside organizations to help with the community and environment to contribute in as many ways as possible to help our lovely island. Our community outreach has linked us closely with the Rotary Club of Samui-Phangan, Trash Hero Koh Samui, Samui Learning Centre for Special Needs and more.

    Please remember that education is a team effort between the school, family and the student. We thoroughly encourage you to take an active interest in your child’s schooling so that together we can blossom into a bright future.


    Warmest regards,


    James Clements

  • Teachers

    Brian Garrett

    Head of Department

    Country: USA

    Teaching: Secondary Mathematics

    Degree field: Social Sciences & Mathematics


    Hello! I’m so excited to be returning to Oonrak for another academic year. I have taught in the school since 2014. My passion is Mathematics and I have loved my opportunity to educate and really get to know the students here.

    When I am not in school I enjoy spending time with friends at the beach. When I lived in the US I loved to garden so I have brought this pastime to my balcony here on Koh Samui.

    I am really excited and looking forward to what this year will bring!


    Bradly Hunter

    Country: USA

    Teaching: Secondary English

    Degree field: Psychology

    Hello, my name is Bradly, I am from Southern California and have lived in Thailand for almost 4 years now. I have been teaching in Thailand since my arrival, most recently at an International School in Hua Hin. I double majored in psychology and communications at the University of California, Davis. I enjoy swimming at the beach, surfing and teaching my dog new tricks. I am looking forward to meeting you and your children in the near future and hope that if you have any questions or concerns throughout the year you won't hesitate to contact me. Let's have a great school year together!

    Dylan Beckerling

    Country: South Africa

    Teaching: Secondary Science

    Degree field: Science

    Hi! My name is Dylan Andrew Beckerling and I am a Molecular Biologist from South Africa. I grew up in a family of scientists who believe in using simple Biotechnology solutions to solve complex modern problems. I will be teaching Life Sciences at Oonrak. I am excited to bring practical experiments to the school to instill a passion for Science in the students.

    Katherine Johnson

    Country: Thailand

    Teaching: Secondary Art & Design

    Degree field: Art

    Hello! I’m Teacher Kate from Bangkok, Thailand and I will be teaching secondary art! I can‘t wait to meet everyone! We are going to create some fantastic pieces of work together!

    Neal Allmon

    Country: USA

    Teaching: Year 1

    Degree field: Exercise Science

    Hello! My name is Teacher Neal. I have been living and teaching in Thailand for 2 years. I am originally from Texas in the United States. I enjoy playing sports, guitar and piano. I am passionate about encouraging young learners to reach their full potential both academically, and socially. I can’t wait to watch our Oonrak students develop into young leaders this year!

    Brenna Smotzer

    Country: USA

    Teaching: Year 2

    Degree field: Early Childhood

    Hi, my name is Brenna and I am so excited to be teaching at Oonrak International School. I am from New Jersey. I love animals, movies, running, exploring, and trying new things! I'm looking forward to learning, laughing, and growing with the students!

    Tamarin Brunton

    Country: South Africa

    Teaching: Year 3

    Degree field: English

    Hi, my name is Tam, you will have seen me around, I have been teaching at Oonrak for a year and a half and I am very excited to be teaching Primary year 3 this year. I am originally from South Africa and love spending time outdoors in nature. I also love to craft, sew and bake.

    Lauren Pretorius

    Country: South Africa

    Teaching: Year 4

    Degree field: English

    Hello, my name is Lauren and I am a qualified English and Psychology teacher, and I have been teaching year 4 at Oonrak since December 2018. I encourage creative learning and take a holistic approach to education. I am very excited for the fun and learning we will be doing in the year 4 classroom at Oonrak this year.

    Naomi Perlman

    Country: USA

    Teaching: Year 6

    Degree field: Science

    Hi! My name is Naomi and I've come all the way from Michigan in the USA to teach year 6 at Oonrak International School. I have a strong science background and I love camping, watching movies and cooking in my free time, as well as walking my dog Willa. I am super excited to get the school year started and meet everyone here at school!

    Kru Mind

    Country: Thailand

    Teaching: Thai Language

    Degree field: Thai Language

    Hello, my name is Kru Mind and I come from Thailand. I finished my bachelor of education in Thai and I have worked for Oonrak International School for a number of years. I love photography and I am looking forward to seeing my students improve and try their best.

    Kru Jeans

    Country: Thailand

    Teaching: Music

    Degree field: Music

    Hello, my name is Supanut Nuanmangsor, my nickname is Jeans. I'm a native Thai teacher from Nakhon Si Tammarat and I have graduated with a Bachelor of Arts. My responsibility is teaching music for this school and I can’t wait to get started!

    Robert Honey

    Country: UK

    Teaching: P.E. & Swimming

    Degree field: Politics

    Hi, my name is Robert and I will be leading physical education lessons at Oonrak International School this year. I have over 10 years’ experience teaching fitness and I cannot wait to be part of a strong sporting environment.

    Kru Nicky

    Country: Thailand

    Teaching: Thai Language

    Degree field: Primary Education

    Hello my name is Kru Nicky and I am 23 years old. I will be teaching lower primary Thai language lessons this year and I recently graduated in education from KPRU. My strength is my patience and my hobbies include listening to music and reading. I believe we should improve ourselves all the time.


    Kru Fern

    Country: Thailand

    Teaching: Chinese Language

    Degree field: Chinese

    Hello! My name is Kru Fern and I will be your Chinese teacher for the year. This is my second year at Oonrak International School and I can’t wait to see you all.

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