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Obligatory Condition, Admission Procedure

Procedures for School Enrolment

  1. Contact us at 077-332-040 or
  2. Make an appointment for the school tour or discuss any further details (Skype appointments are available on request).
  3. Fill out the application form with all the required supporting documentation. Please download the application form here: International Application Form
  4. The school will arrange for any pre-enrollment assessments that need to be undertaken. Parents will be informed of the enrollment result as soon as possible.
  5. Upon acceptance by the school, admission fee and relevant deposits will be invoiced.
  6. Once payment has been received by the school, parents may purchase school uniforms and textbooks at the reception.

Obligatory Condition

  • Insurance

1'700 THB per year

The school has accident insurance for students which cover them up to 30'000 THB per scheduled visit and 300'000 THB for death or disability, caused by an accident during school hours or on school trips outside. All documentation is taken care of by the school and the policy can be used worldwide. Furthermore, please note for new students joining the school it is compulsory for them to obtain the schools accident insurance, which is a yearly payment of 1'700 THB.

  • Entrance Exams

500 THB per subject

New students must take entrance exams prior to starting their studies with the school (subjects depend on the individual). These examinations are used for establishing entrance to the school and for year placement. The entrance procedures are designed to establish, to the best of our ability, those candidates who will be able to successfully access the curriculum that we offer and proceed through the academic programme with success. It is the school’s suitability for the individual applicant, rather than the applicant’s suitability for the school, which is paramount importance throughout the decision making process.

  • Uniform

Price depends on size

Uniforms are compulsory and can be purchased from the school reception.

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