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Student Uniform and Dress Code Policy

Aim We believe that the Uniform and Dress Code:

• generates a unique identity for our school

• encourages a sense of pride among our school community

• builds a sense of unity and equality for the students, and eliminates competition and bullying

• is practical for a range of activities, both in and out of the classroom

• enables students to maintain high standards

Implementation of the Dress Code

Any student wearing incorrect school uniform will be verbally reminded to follow the dress code, and then given a final warning. If the student continually fails to adhere to the school’s dress code then the school will contact the parents and the Behaviour Policy will be followed, with the applicable sanctions applied.

If parents/carers wish to seek exemptions for students on religious, cultural or medical grounds, they are required to provide a written request to the Head Teacher.

School Uniform

Primary School


Oonrak International School Shirt

Blue school shorts


Oonrak International School Shirt

Blue school skirt (appropriate length) or shorts

Senior School


Oonrak International School Shirt

Blue school shorts


Oonrak International School Shirt

Blue school skirt (appropriate length) or smart blue tailored trousers

*** Students may wear a long-sleeved jumper or cardigan over their school uniform. Clothing should be smart and practical and should be grey or dark blue in colour with no visible logos or markings. ***


Student’s shoes must be black in colour with no visible logos, patterns or markings. They must be smart and practical.

Approved footwear includes:

• Black trainers or pumps (no logos or markings in other colours or coloured laces)

• Black school shoes


All students are encouraged to wear a hat at all times when outside in the hot weather. All hats must be removed during classroom lessons.

PE and Sports Uniform

Students representing the school in PE lessons or sporting events, both in school and out of school hours, are required to wear the appropriate uniform and footwear.

Boys & Girls:

Oonrak PE shirt

Grey/black shorts

Trainers / sports shoes

No jewellery

Long hair tied back

Swimming Uniform


Swimming shorts

Plain T-shirt may be worn


One-piece swimsuit

Plain T-shirt and shorts may be worn


Items of permitted jewellery include:

• Religious items such as a necklace or wrist band

• Wristwatch

• One pair of plain earring studs

** Fashion jewellery items are not to be worn to school. For safety reasons students will be asked to remove these items and the Behaviour Policy followed as required.

Nail Polish and Make-up

Clear nail varnish only is permitted. Make-up is not permitted. Students will be asked to remove inappropriate nail varnish and make-up.


Students are discouraged from colouring or highlighting their hair. Students must not colour their hair unnatural colours.

Long hair must be kept combed and managed and tied back when necessary. Extreme styles are not permitted, including lines and artwork shaven into hair.

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